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Our journey together starts here

How to get started


To get started, we request that you complete our onboarding documents and provide us with a copy of your child's diagnosis from their physician. Once we have received the necessary documentation, we will initiate the process of contacting your insurance carrier. Our goal is to obtain authorization for the initial assessment and treatment plan, ensuring a smooth and efficient start to your child's therapy journey. 

Initial Assessments

Our dedicated supervising BCBA collaborates closely with both you and your child throughout the entire process. They will guide you through the completion of all essential assessments, observations, and treatment plans. Once these crucial components are in place, we will take the responsibility of submitting them to your insurance carrier. Our objective is to secure the necessary authorization for ongoing ABA services, ensuring that your child receives the consistent and comprehensive care they need. 

Start date

We prioritize collaboration with you to establish a feasible weekly schedule that suits your needs. Together, we will work towards determining the most suitable start date to commence ongoing ABA services. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and seamless transition into our program, providing you with the support and flexibility required for a successful experience.

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