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Center-Based ABA Therapy
Our company offers individualized 1:1 services within a controlled and structured environment. Our highly trained Behavior Technicians are equipped to conduct ABA Therapy with the goal of increasing or decreasing specific behaviors, while minimizing distractions. We integrate a school-like setting to facilitate generalization for your child. Our comprehensive services focus on developing a wide range of skills, including communication, motor skills, independence, sensory integration, feeding, and potty training. Through our tailored approach, we aim to support your child's development and provide meaningful progress in various areas of their life.
Why Center-Based Therapy 
Our dedicated Behavior Technicians are committed to delivering high-value ABA therapy by effectively managing distractions and establishing structured routines within a clinical setting. Our focus extends beyond mere skill acquisition, as we specifically target essential abilities such as turn-taking, attention regulation, and social interactions. Moreover, our center-based intervention allows us to create purposeful environments that simulate real-life situations, enabling children to develop and master critical skills in a controlled and supportive setting.
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